Qualifying Standards

Entry is by invitation only. Athletes with the following qualifications will be considered.

To qualify for our 2025 event, at a minimum, the applicant must have finished an iron distance event between August 2023 and January 2025 OR attend ULTRACAMP, a 5 day/4 night training experience focused on the ins and outs of multi-day stage racing, where you will put in way more miles than an iron distance event. Events that consist of distances that are of at least iron distance in some disciplines, but not all three, may be considered when combined with other events that contain at least the iron distance of the discipline missing from the first event. For information about ULTRACAMP, contact us at ultramanflorida@gmail.com.

Athletic ability is not all that matters when applying to race at Ultraman Florida: character counts just as much! We are looking for applicants who are charitable, helpful, kind and have good character. Leave your ego at the door – – if you are a top-rated triathlete who places at every race, that will only matter to us if you are also a good person. If you are a middle or back of the packer who is an upstanding citizen who is respected by your peers, you would be rated ahead of the not-so-nice guy with the ego! We are looking for friendly, respectful, kind, funny, nice athletes and crews – – if that’s you, we encourage you to apply!

Support Crew Requirement

Due to the length and nature of the event, it is mandatory that a support crew of 2 to 4 adults and one vehicle accompany each athlete throughout all stages of the event. At least one member of the crew (either the athlete or a crew member) MUST be fluent in English. If an athlete is invited and unable to bring his or her own crew, UMFL may be able to provide volunteer crew for the athlete. In all cases, the athlete is expected to cover all travel, lodging, and meal expenses for their crew. See CREW REQUIREMENTS section for more details.

Limitation of Entries

Invitations are limited to a maximum of fifty (50) solo entries if the Application Review Committee permits. There is no waitlist for this event.