Completing an Ultraman is not a solo sport – – it takes a team effort! Each athlete must assemble a dedicated crew consisting of 2 to 4 friends or family members to navigate them through each leg of the journey. Crewing is a tough job, but very fun and rewarding at the same time.

Throughout race week, crews play a pivotal role in supporting the athlete. They aid in the meticulous organization of race gear and nutrition, ensure the crew vehicle is well-prepared, skillfully craft meals for the athlete, and provide invaluable emotional support by helping the athlete stay focused and composed.

During the 6.2 mile swim, athletes have the option for one of their land crew members to serve as their kayak escort/paddler. It’s essential for all athletes to have a dedicated kayaker by their side, guiding them and offering necessary nutrition and fuel support throughout the swim. In the event that an athlete’s crew lacks an experienced kayaker, they have the opportunity to arrange for one through the race organization for an additional fee.

If the athlete cannot enlist friends or family to serve as their crew during race week, the race organization may provide up to two assigned crew members. Among these volunteers are seasoned alumni who often journey from out of state. Please bear in mind that requesting assigned crew members from the race organization should not be seen as a means to cut expenses; rather, it should be considered a last resort, to be requested only if the athlete is unable to bring their own crew members. The athlete is responsible for covering all expenses related to transporting their assigned crew to the race, whether it involves airfare or fuel for those driving in, as well as accommodation and meals during race week. It’s important to recognize that crew members willingly sacrifice their personal vacation time to support the athlete in reaching the finish line. While crewing is undoubtedly enjoyable, it demands significant effort, and it’s essential to ensure they are properly looked after during race week. Furthermore, if the race organization assigns crew members, the athlete must ensure each crew member has a separate bed, unless they are a couple who prefer to share. It’s crucial to respect the individual preferences and comfort of crew members, especially considering that many may be meeting for the first time during race week.

As part of the athlete’s registration package, they will receive two Crew shirts, in addition to three tickets (athlete plus 2 crew) each for the Race Briefing Brunch, the Day 3 Finish Fiesta, and the Awards Dinner. Should the athlete bring more than two crew members, they will have the opportunity to purchase additional crew shirts and meal tickets.

Crewing for an Ultraman is an immensely gratifying experience, offering memories that last a lifetime! Playing a crucial role in guiding an athlete to the Ultraman finish line is deeply fulfilling. Moreover, crew members aspiring to participate in an Ultraman-branded race themselves in the future receive priority invitations when applying to compete.