Swim Course - Stage 1

The Swim – 6.2 Miles

The 6.2 mile (10.0 km), 1 loop swim is in the warm, fresh water lakes of the Conway Chain. The water temperature is around 65 degrees Fahrenheit this time of the year. With a maximum depth of 30 feet and average depth of 8 feet, the chain has some of the clearest water in Florida with hard sand bottom and beds of eelgrass, peppergrass and hydrilla scattered offshore.
For detailed info, see the swim course map.

*PLEASE NOTE: Important to read Rules, Regulations & Guidelines carefully. They are more detailed than those on the website.

Ultraman Swim Rules & Regulations Overview

1. Wetsuits are permitted.

2. No artificial aids to propulsion are allowed.

3. Swimmers can hold onto canoes/kayaks for rest or while eating/drinking, but no forward motion is allowed.

4. Swimmers must provide own food/drinks for duration of the swim.

5. Swim caps will be provided to each swimmer.

6. Swimmer’s race number must be visible on the cap as provided. Paddler’s number must be attached to the Paddler’s outerwear so it is visible at all times.

7. There will be designated officials following the event and one warning for any infraction of the above rules the swimmer will be disqualified from the race.

8. The swim course will be CLOSED 6 hours after the start of Stage 1. Any athlete not reaching the swim finish by then will be declared a “Participant” and may be allowed to continue at his/her own risk.