Run Course - Stage 3

The Run – 52.4 Miles

The 52.4 mile (84.3 km) double-marathon starts from South Lake Trail in Clermont, FL and ends in the beautiful town of Windermere, Florida, known for its beautiful lakes and canopy of ancient oak trees. The run course will vary from flat to rolling hills with a mix of asphalt and dirt road.
For detailed info, see the run course map.

Run Day 3 – South Lake Trail to Town of Windermere

*PLEASE NOTE: Important to read Rules, Regulations & Guidelines carefully. They are more detailed than those on the website.

Ultraman Run Rules & Regulations Overview

1. Each competitor must run or walk the entire course.

2. Each competitor must wear an official number while on the run course; it must be worn and clearly visible from the front.

3. Pacing of athletes is allowed, but no athlete may be paced by more than one non-competitor at a time. All pacers must be on foot. All non-competitor pacers must wear the official signage designating them as pacers. No pacer may do any headwind blocking.

4. Bicycles and the like may not be used by team members or pacers on the run course.

5. Competitor’s team members must exercise extreme caution.

6. Competitors must run on the shoulder of the highway.

7. No runner or pacer may use any device which interferes with normal hearing (headset, radio, etc.).

8. If runner exhibits signs of substantial fatigue, one team member must accompany him/her.

9. The Run course has additional cut-offs at 26.2 mi (42 km) – 6 hours and at 39.3 mi (63 km) – 9 hours. Athletes not making these cut-offs will be asked to leave the course. Any athlete not cooperating with this request will be disqualified and not eligible for any awards, nor be allowed into any future Ultraman Event. Cut-off times may be modified if course conditions warrant.

10. The Run course will be closed 12 hours after the start of Stage III. Any athlete not reaching the finish by then will be declared a “Participant”.

11. Any athlete not reaching the finish line within 15 minutes after the close of Stage 3 will be asked to leave the course and must get a ride to the finish in their support vehicle.