Crewing & Volunteers

Land Crew

Each athlete is required to have at least 2 adult land crew members, and no more than 4, to accompany them throughout the entire land portion of the race. As many of the athletes come from overseas or travel long distances to do the event and are unable to bring their own crew members (which we encourage them to do) therefore require crew members to assist those athletes that cannot bring their own crew. Crews are assigned to a specific athlete for the duration of the entire event. The athlete is responsible for all crew expenses and will pay for the use of your personal vehicle if required. The crew is also included in all meals associated with the event from the Pre-race Breakfast and Race Briefing to the Awards Ceremony.

In addition, you will be supplied with a crew shirt as a souvenir of the event. The commitment for the Land Crew is substantial (5 – 7 days) but is well worth the effort as this will be a volunteering experience like no other. Crews and athletes have been known to form long and lasting friendships following the event.

Working as a crew member is a great way for any athlete thinking about doing Ultraman in the future, to gain some great experience in planning for the event and to realize the work required by a crew. For those athletes volunteering as a crew member, who want to participate as a competitor in the future, you will receive preference in the invitee selection process.

We encourage potential land crew to review the guidelines contained on this website. The guidelines contain information critical to the successful planning and completion of Ultraman Florida.

Swim Escort

Each athlete is required to have their own swim escort during the entire swim portion of the event. If you have a kayak or canoe and wish to escort an athlete and help them get off to a good start on this life-changing event we can use your help. Please contact us at for more information.

The commitment from the swim escort is at least the time required for the athlete to complete the 6.2 mile swim (2.5 to 5.5 hours). You will be required to be at the Pre-race briefing so you have a chance to meet your athlete and discuss race/swim strategy as it pertains to feeding, hydration and leading/direction control. You are also encouraged to read “The Swim” section of the guidelines.

Volunteer Positions

For Ultraman Florida, we are in need of volunteers in all capacities from set-up and take-down, equipment transportation, direction control, course communication, etc. Volunteers can help from a few hours to all days of the event depending on your time and interest.

All volunteers are supplied with a hat and race shirt, and are included in our Finish Line Party at the end of Day 3 so they can enjoy the final finish of the athletes and take part in the celebrations.

Signing up to volunteer is easy. All you need to do is fill out our Online Volunteer Sign Up Form.

Please email if you have questions regarding volunteer opportunities.

Don’t delay if you’d like to experience volunteering on a whole new level…be prepared for a serious tug on your heartstrings!