Bike Course - Stage 1 & 2

The Bike – 263 Miles

The 263 mile bike segment is broken down into two stages. Stage 1 follows the swim and consists of a 91 miles bike ride. Due to the loop swim, the Stage 1 bike will start from the swim start / finish. The flat, fast ride will head south to the City of St. Cloud and ends in Cocoa, Florida at the Lone Cabbage Fish Camp. The 172 mile Stage 2 starts from Cocoa, Florida and heads through scenic towns of Christma, Sanford, Mount Dora and through the “Gems of the Hills” of Clermont, where world-class triathletes have made it their home. The ride will end in Oakland, FL, a charming, one-hundred plus year old historic town in the heart of Central Florida. For detailed info, see the bike course maps.

Bike Day 1 – Venetian Park, Lake Conway to Lone Cabbage Fish Camp, Cocoa, FL

Bike Day 2 – Lone Cabbage Fish Camp, Cocoa, FL to Spear Park, Oakland, FL

*PLEASE NOTE: Important to read Rules, Regulations & Guidelines carefully. They are more detailed than those on the website.

Ultraman Bike Rules & Regulations Overview

1. No tandem, motorized or recumbent bike is allowed. Additionally, no device designed exclusively to reduce resistance is permitted on any bike.

2. Disk wheels may be used, however, use at your own risk as the bike course may have severe cross winds.

3. A backup bike or spare frame may be carried in the support vehicle. Switching of bikes during a stage may be done once only and for safety or mechanical reasons only.

4. No accompanying riders are permitted on the bike course.

5. It is the responsibility of each competitor to ensure that all aspects of his/her bike are safe to the user, to the competitors, team members, officials, and the general public at all times during the event.

6. During Stage 1 and Stage 2, drafting or pacing of any kind is not permitted.

7. Each competitor must conform to all traffic laws and is responsible for all consequences of any infraction.

8. Each competitor must wear an official number while on the bike course; it must be clearly visible and placed on the lower back of the rider.

9. Frame numbers (if provided) must be displayed in a highly visible position on the bike while the rider is on the course.

10. Each competitor must wear a properly fastened hardshell helmet.

11. No competitor may wear any device which interferes with normal hearing (i.e. electronic headsets, radios).

12. The bike course Stage I will be CLOSED 12 hours after the start of Stage 1. Any athlete not reaching the finish by then will be declared a “Participant” and may be allowed to continue at his/her own risk.

13. The bike course Stage 2 will CLOSE 12 hours after the start. Any athlete not reaching the finish by then will be declared a “Participant” and may be allowed to continue at his/her own risk.

14. Any athlete not reaching the finish line within 15 minutes after the close of Stage 1 or Stage 2 will be asked to leave the course and must get a ride to the finish in their support vehicle.